firstposthello hello hello. i know i have pulled down virtually everything that i had posted since the beginning of time, which was 2015, just to be precise. but refurbishing does mean starting things afresh with a clean slate and erasing all the embarrassing outburst of emotions that have happened in the past, especially with the unposted letters category. you know what i mean? nah, i know you don’t, since you do not exist. 

i have literally not had a single view for weeks now and last time i checked i was only getting a fair amount of views in 2015 and 2016. peeps from canada, usa, uk, india and bulgaria, if you are still around and do stop by, thank you for the emotional upliftment you had caused them. lots of love.

i have left the other things like my bucket list and my constant source of inspiration intact and will update the former from time to time as i intend to get some things done this year. fingers crossed.

i remember liking and commenting something on my post and that was a huge huge huge achievement and also a shoutout to whoever unicorntoothpaste is. do hit me up if you guys happen to stop by again.



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