the broken-hearted checklist

  1. You, my love, did not desert me. I did. I left you alone when I had promised to never leave your hand. I left you when you needed me the most. I left you even after you were ready to give up on everybody and everything if that meant I’d stay with you.
  2. But I did not. I moved on. Clearly, I have only been pretending Continue reading

the kaapi revelation


Filter Kaapi as served in Cafe Madras (Source: Instagram)

i had stumbled across ‘kaapi’ on an instagram post and i remember ignorantly smiling at the way the user had tried to capture the mispronounced word. that started a trend of me noticing how people pronounce the word, starting from my college peers to restaurant waiters. i am not sure how many languages around the world lack the ‘ph’ letter, but it had quickly dawned on me that ‘coffee’ is unflinchingly called ‘kaapi’ in various indian languages and is similarly pronounced in other foreign languages too.

my tryst with coffee had mostly been about its scent and i store coffee packets just to get a whiff off them on gloomy days Continue reading



firstposthello hello hello. i know i have pulled down virtually everything that i had posted since the beginning of time, which was 2015, just to be precise. but refurbishing does mean starting things afresh with a clean slate and erasing all the embarrassing outburst of emotions that have happened in the past, especially with the unposted letters category. you know what i mean? nah, i know you don’t, since you do not exist.  Continue reading